Immunoglobulin Products - Quick Guide

Products NZBS provides human immunoglobulin concentrate of IgG antibodies prepared from pooled plasma donations in three formulations:
  • for intravenous use
  • for subcutaneous use
  • for intramuscular use
Immunoglobulin pre-approval form

NBA Guidelines

NHS Guidelines (2011)
Intravenous products There are two intravenous products available in New Zealand:
Subcutaneous products There are two subcutaneous products available in New Zealand:
  • The principle product is Evogam®, prepared from New Zealand donors' plasma. This is available in all DHBs with prior authorisation from an NZBS TMS.
  • The alternative product is Hizentra®, a commercial immunoglobulin obtained from Europe. It is intended for use nationally as an alternative subcutaneous immunoglobulin for patients who are not able to tolerate Evogam®. Please contact an NZBS TMS to discuss Hizentra®, if needed.
Intramuscular product The only non-specific intramuscular product is Normal Immunoglobulin, prepared from New Zealand donors' plasma. This is usually for hepatitis A and measles prophylaxis but is occasionally used as a replacement immunoglobulin for hypogammaglobulinaemia.

Hyperimmune products Hyperimmune immunoglobulins are also pooled immunoglobulin concentrates but with a known level of activity against a named virus or protein. Hyperimmune immunoglobulins prepared from New Zealand donors' plasma are Anti-D, Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin, Tetanus Immunoglobulin and Zoster Immunoglobulin. Other hyperimmune immunoglobulins are available as Section 29 products.
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